Faithfulness is at the heart of any exclusive relationship. “It is the main ingredient for a healthy and happy marriage recipe.”  Faithfulness requires one to commit. Usually that commitment comes in the form of vows or a promise to love and cherish, preferably one person at a time. Sadly enough, unfaithfulness is a big problem today. Know this though: “no matter how much you think of yourself, there’s not enough of you to please two!”  Yet in still people still try to burn the candle at both ends, ignoring the risk of injury to the hearts of those more emotionally invested. Suppose Jesus had a problem with keeping the commitments He made to us? I don’t even want to think about the answer to that question.

Satan has successfully convinced the masses that there is something out there they might be missing out on. It’s the same trick he pulled on Eve in the Garden of Eden. He doesn’t want you to know that If God is not the Head of your life, the obsession with having something new or different never ends. When will we learn that insatiable urges that plague the flesh can never be satisfied? And the reason they can’t be satisfied? It is because insatiable urges belong to Satan.

Faithfulness first, relationship second should be every child of God’s motto. You see if you can’t be faithful to God He won’t be faithful to you and because of that, you can’t be faithful to anything else. To be assured of a healthy relationship you need him in it; walking beside you through the trenches of doubt, insecurity, boredom, restlessness, financial disaster, job issues; basically we need him to get us through struggles and tribulation of all kind, especially those involving couples.

Whatever you do don’t look for excuses in hopes of justifying unfaithfulness. Some say they’re bored, while others voice their feelings of being misunderstood, unhappy, even feeling trapped; or just tired of the same old ball and chain. And then there are women who simply refuse to accept fading beauty, which is inevitable and accompanied by the loss of youthful glows. But when you know Jesus you know beauty and youth are temporary. Additionally you understand that beauty never dies it just matures. Real women know this!

Relationships are constantly discovered in or rescued from Satan’s restless ruin. But, what I find really disturbing about the ironies of faithfulness is when people fail to connect human relationships with spiritual relationships. Faithfulness doesn’t begin with human bonds, it begins with having faith in God. YesGod wants a commitment from you first in the relationship He establishes. He commands us to follow him as sheep follow shepherds. Our relationship with God the primary one and He puts a ring on our finger every time. He does this because He wants the world to know who you belong to. A man who loves a woman does just the same. His faith in God and you provoke him to put a ring on it.

As we grow and mature in Christ we also learn that He does not tolerate spiritual adultery?  That lesson is invaluable and dual purposed. In our human lives it teaches us the importance of commitment and loyalty. Even though people seem to have accepted unfaithfulness, it’s obvious they don’t like it. This fact is evidenced by the masses of depressed and spiritually defective people in the world today. Have faith put a ring on it applies to both men and women. Essentially a woman needs to expect it if she loves and is loved in return. The beauty in faith is that it makes you believe in everlasting love. It prepares you difficult seasons. True faith protects you from self; better known as your own worst nightmare. “Until death do we part” means you’re in it for the long haul. That’s the kind of relationship most people would love to have.

Is there anybody you feel that way about?


Minister Neecy


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