Meaningless Is What I am…. Without The Love Of God


I’m taking my chances with God……
Everything else is meaningless……..

Every other day I hear somebody questioning the validity of Jesus Christ.

In essence the talk is always centered around whether or not He exists. It’s usually a situation where somebody wants me to prove there is a God. They say there’s no scientific evidence, proof or reason to think a miracle worker like Jesus Christ ever was. Additionally, naysayer’s believe there’s no Heaven or hell and that the bible was tampered with; therefore it can not be considered an official Word of God. This is a lot of work on behalf of non-believers. Every bit is to discredit Jesus Christ and dismiss God as unreal. non-believers I can’t help but wonder how anybody can think this is all there is?

I mean really…how crazy would it be, if….rapist, racist, hypocrites, murderer’s and the like, could actually roam this earth causing people harm, pain and heartache, with no possibility of ever paying for aggregious sins? That just sounds unrealistic not me, but then again, I’m not an atheist. Imbelieve with all my heart, there’s a Higher Power than man. There is One who knows how many hairs every person in the world has on his or her head….because He knows us intimately.

When faced with the “there’s no God argument” it’s important to remember, God doesn’t need us to defend Him or his only begotten Son! If the bible isn’t enough to convince the world Jesus lives, obviously you can’t, at least not without the Lord’s help.

Consider this; atheist and non-believers don’t walk by faith, nor do they trust in God’s Word. Without those things it’s impossible to embrace the reality of God’s existence.

Remember; “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  (Hebrews 11:1, KJV). Hebrews 11:1

The above scripture makes it very clear how crucial and necessary it is to be born again, so God can work in your life instead of man. When you have faith in God…… man‘s “pharisee rhetoric” won’t shake you, nor will it impress you. God’s people should never allow themselves to get caught in a fight over the Word or about the existence of God, because that battle is not yours, it’s the Lord’s.

The Word was created so man would have a road map to Heaven and a recipe for salvation. It’s longevity and relevance speaks volumes. The Bible is the oldest book in the world” I think that fact alone is quite impressive. This same book contains scripture that makes it clear they’ll be times when you have to walk alone. Be prepared to meet people who will not have an appetite for the Bread of life, nor will they thirst for the Blood of Jesus.

God created a world where his people have a way out of no way. He is a jealous God, therefore, we must love and adore Him. And don’t forget to honor and obey Him. If you don’t do these things, anything else you’re doing is in vein! When we honor and obey….the Lord does the rest. In essence, He never shows up in the lives of people who fail to see him as necessary in their world.

~Here’s the thing~

If I doubt God exists and it ends up He does; I stand to lose eternal life…..or everything! On the other hand, If I believe in God, I have nothing to lose, whether He exist or not.
But, for the sake of an athiest’s argument…what if God doesn’t exist? Well, if He doesn’t exist, I still have nothing to lose by believing He Does….because if there’s no Gid, Jesus Christ, Lord or Higher Power….there’s nothing that comes after this life anyway. So for me to believe in God, is a win-win situation. How could a force so paramount and omnipotent be ignored or cast off as fiction?

Just look at this amazing world we live in…Man is a fickle as weather, but God is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow, so we don’t have to wonder about his plans for us; He wrote them down.

And,”He never tells us to do something wrong or hurt other people….that’s definitely a clue He’s real!”

Man on the other hand; he’s always up to no good, working overtime doing bad things. They are relentless in their effort to succeed in attaining worldly obsessions and temporary gratification… by any means necessary. He is too foolish to recognize the key word as “temporary.” What can man offer you that God hasn’t already given you?

What speaks to me today:

1 The words of the Teacher,[a] son of David, king in Jerusalem:

“Meaningless! Meaningless! ”says the Teacher.“Utterly meaningless!  Everything is meaningless.”

Man will never stop making false accusations about Jesus Christ or God’s Word, until this world comes to an end. Some believers do so unknowingly. It can happen when they dilute or change any part of the Word of God. “Humans are so easily impressed.” They listen in awe to so-called Bible scholars or Bible beaters, who have scriptures tattooed on their brain, but not in their hearts. Even worse, these hypocrites have no true relationship with God.

I just don’t understand it. Even when we see that a person’s talk doesn’t match their walk, often times we ignore the obvious.

Just yesterday I overheard two men debating about how various Christian sects came to be, and about how different religions worship. These men sounded like they were auditioning for a “religion expert role in Heaven.” What caught my ear was….neither talked about how they serve God in their own personal lives.

One I know attends church regularly, and even his conversation consisted of “pharisee mumbo jumbo” centered around the history of the church. Religious talk void of scripture or about how you carry out God’s will, does no more than fail at giving God’s Word the properly deserved accolades. Simply put, word’s void of God’s spirit are no more than hot-air.

My thought after listening to these men for several minutes was; “what did this conversation carry out, other than a show off of worldly knowledge about the bible and the history of the church?” And even that was futile, since neither was able to convincingly share stories about how they serve God in their own lives.

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