Favor Disguised as Friction


Recognizing blessings is an art; and sadly, some people just don’t have the skills. For some reason, many of God‘s children choose to focus on what they don’t have, instead of what they do have. And they simply refuse to look for ways to turn lemons into lemonade. I’ll be the first to admit, “that’s not always easy to do; but, if you believe and trust in The Lord, you can find something positive in any negative situation. When I accepted the Lord as my Savior He showed me how to make the best out of seemingly, worst case scenarios…That’s a gift man can’t give!

You never want to forget the times, when the Lord gave you a vision, to make something out of nothing……or when He showed you a way out of what looked like no way. The message here is; life is only as good as you make it…in your head. However, “your relationship with God determines how grand it will be.”

Since I’ve been out of work for almost a year now, I’ve had some time to think about this next phase of my life and where it might be headed. I’ve even come to realize and understand, that my plan for me, is different, than God’s plan for me. And guess what? “I’m good with that!”

Fast forwarding back. When I got the call at home, last year in July, from a woman in the human services department at my old job; she started off telling me, she was sorry to call me at home. Before she could finish, “my stomach dropped!”

I began to feel like I was waiting for something real heavyweight, to come down, crashing on top of my head. It was clear to me, that call wasn’t gonna end well. Eventually the woman told me I was laid off, along with several other co-workers.

Next she said; “because this is a major lay-off and down size, there will be no chance of being called back” Then, the woman said;” but I want you to know the company will not contest your unemployment.” So I thought, well that’s good.”

That all went down 10 months ago. All though I’ve applied for a boatload of jobs since, I haven’t landed one yet.

However, another life-changing event was going down at the very same time I got laid off. Two days after I got the lay-off notice, my daughter called me; she wanted to know if I could work it in my work schedule to help her, by keeping my granddaughters more…..because her doctor had just released her to return to work, after being off on sick leave…..almost a year! I was overjoyed on one level and caught off guard on another. I knew it would take some planning, and I had to break the news to my husband. We live in Wisconsin and my daughter lives in Chicago.

Ok, after all the potential obstacles and challenges rocked my world, the next  thought that rushed through my heart and head was gratitude. Yes……all I could do at that point was thank God for favoring me, in a situation that manifested out of an unfavorable situation.

Unless you’re a mother…aka grandmother, of a single or divorced daughter, with kids; you probably can’t grasp the essence of how miraculous and right-on-time, this favor was.

In fact, “you still may not see the blessing in any this.” So let me help you, because, as a Christian it’s my responsibility to share my testimony…

Picture thus: God made it possible to be there for my daughter and granddaughters, when under normal circumstances, I could not have been. Additionally He paved the way for me to collect unemployment, so I could continue contributing to my household. My husband has been wonderful about making adjustments to our lifestyle, and totally supportive. if you’re a woman reading this, you know that’s no small feat for a man.

And, I was still able to look for work, and could have arranged my schedule to go back to work…had somebody hired me.

Bottom line… “I lost my job, but gained time off with pay.” Even though the pay was less than my previous…it was enough to get me through; and I didn’t have to by gas to get to work…or spend 10 hours a week, going back and forth to work.

The kicker….I learned firsthand, from this experience how my attitude toward God in Heaven, and toward my tribulations, determine my latitude; spiritually, physically and emotionally, down here on earth. Everything, and I mean everything fell into place…..I want to leave the following words of wisdom with you, because they can get you through….

“Believe in your heart, you’re favored and provided for, no matter what the circumstance, if you want to keep receiving Gods blessings!”

“Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind.” Psalm 107:15 NIV

Minister Neecy


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