Feeling Good About Making Somebody Feel Bad Is Not Cool



Isaiah 52:7 – How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

Nobody looks forward to receiving bad news, nor do they welcome bearers of that news. The mere thought of hearing about something having the potential to make you sad, makes you sad!

In these wicked times, it’s not unusual to cross paths with a person who lives to deliver news that makes people “feel some kinda way” usually bad! Christians are guilty too. Often times these folks tell themselves, “it was necessary to deliver, they had no other choice” but, they know different, just not better!

You see, when pride and arrogance infiltrate the mind, body and soul, you got a demon on your hands. Essentially, lover’s of bearing bad news are Satan‘s best friend. He knows bad news breaks people down, wrenches hearts and weakens faith. That’s why he’s constantly on the prowl looking for volunteers to do his dirty work. Unfortunately, it’s not like he has to jump through hoops to get certain people to accept,the assignment, he always gets more than he needs.

Bad news is like a poison, one that has only one antidote; Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! The Good News, “the Lord can turn that bad news into something good, just like that.” All you have to do is, “give it to Him, all at once, never in bits and pieces.” You can’t hold on to the ‘feel good portion’ it’s all or nothing! As soon as you realize you’ve defected to the other side, fall down on your knees and call on God. Ask him to release you from your commitment to do Satan’s dirty work. He will do it, if you come to him as a child, totally expecting deliverance.

Bad news is a given, just as good news. The thing is, you don’t have to always be the one delivering it. Now, obviously there are times when news of every kind has to reach its recipient, no matter who deliver’s it. But, it’s never necessary or pleasing to God, if the delivering party finds joy in passing on bad news.Be diligent in your walk with God, that way; He will protect when Satan attempts to fool you, into believing there’s honor in feeling good about being the bearer of bad news. Feeling good about making somebody feel bad, is just not cool!
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