“Before the Lord covered me, I was like a naked child riding through a storm.”

Until you brave a treacherous tsunami of life….and endure unimaginable passion to rise above it, you have not reached your lowest. “At your lowest God does his best work.” This is the place where it seems as if there’s no good left, no more fires to put out, because your well is tapped dry!


I remember thinking one day during a tsunami time in my life, “I can figure this out!” Boy was I wrong. (I) is like a curse word sometimes. I messed it up, but God knows I didn’t have a clue as to how to fix it up.

My only saving grace was my willingness to admit, I’d hit the inevitable whaling wall. Some tears were about to be shed. My soul was bankrupt and empty. Although I didn’t wanna kill myself, I was looking spiritual  death right in the face.

There was no doubt in my mind, God was trying to tell me something. The question became, “was I willing to listen?” In other words, had my life become void enough to provoke me to wanna change it?” The answer was yes! I was ready to feel something nothing else in the world could make me feel. In my heart I longed to experience the Higher Power.

“The Lord aka my Higher Power, was holding the possibility of me having joy, peace and love, over my head.”

Looking back over my life I can’t help but notice “a priceless teaching moment.” The lesson derived from it’s review is so powerful, because, right before my very eyes “it transforms common sense into wisdom.”

That’s a testimony!


Hallelujah… Thank You Jesus!


About Bloggerneecy: Hi there! I'm a blogger, wife of a trucker, mother, and grandmother. A prayer warrior every day, an aspiring woman of unshakeable faith by night, and this is my website. These days I live over the road, in an 18-wheeler truck with my husband of 17 years. I am a free spirit by nature, a soldier in God's army by design, always a work in progress. Helping others find clarity and purpose is my passion. ...or something like this:

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