“Then the king asked her, ‘What do you want, Queen Esther? What is your request? I will give it to you, even if it is half the kingdom!’”

Esther 5:3

We can learn valuable lessons from godly women mentioned in the bible. Queen Esther is one of those women. She was so much more than a wise, beautiful powerful woman. She was favored by the Lord; set aside to carry out His divine will of saving the Jews, His favored people. Queen Esther’s story revolves around two extraordinary men, her cousin, Mordecai, and King Xerxes. Her cousin, Mordecai was nothing like King Xerxes, not rich and even less in public stature, yet his relationship to God elevated him to extraordinary positions of power. Esther is described in the bible as being beautiful yet there is nothing mentioned that would make readers believe she was vain. Esther used her god-given ability, beauty, and persuasive skills as they were to carry out God’s will. She was comfortable in the skin she came in. 

Queen Esther was empowered by the Lord but encouraged, motivated and directed by her older cousin and (father figure) Mordecai. Before Esther became Queen Esther she lived with Mordecai who had raised her as his daughter. Her father was his uncle; both Esther’s mother and father were dead. Esther is described as a young beautiful virgin. She was not a wise older woman, nor experienced in seducing men to get what she wanted. There is nothing coincidental about the chronological events that preceded Esther’s rise to royalty. Under no circumstances was she a likely replacement for Queen Vashti, King Xerxes rebellious wife. Esther’s warm, loving obedient and respectful characteristics earned unprecedented favor with King Xerxes.

“Esther Had not revealed her nationality or family background because Mordecai had forbidden her to do so.” (Esther 2:10 NIV)

Esther was the opposite of Queen Vashti and exactly the kind of Queen the King had longed to have. God timed Esther’s arrival in King Xerxes’ life perfectly. Mordecai, being a man knew Esther had inner and outer beauty the king would not be able to resist. Unlike, Queen Vashti, Esther was obedient to both her cousin and the king.

“Now the King was attracted to Esther more than to any of the other women, and she won his favor and approval more than any of the other virgins.” (Esther 2: 17 NIV)

Esther was humble and open to instruction from Mordecai which enabled her to skillfully use her spiritual gifts to effectively persuade King Xerxes to entertain her request so that she could convince him to see her plight and feel her pain. Mordecai knew that when Esther found favor with the king her actions would prove to be critical to the fate of Jewish people.

“When Esther’s words were reported to Mordecai, 13 he sent back this answer: “Do not think that because you are in the king’s house you alone of all the Jews will escape. 14 For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4: 12-14 NIV)

Mordecai made Esther understand that she was the only one who could save her people by using her position, words, and faith in God for a greater good.




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