When You Say It’s About God But Your Actions Say It’s About You

Recently I wrote a paper in one of my classes for a discussion board titled:  IT’S NOT ABOUT ME

A sub-topic of the discussion included an explanation on “how creation focuses on the God we serve.” God is orderly, and, unlike many of His children; seemingly more concerned about spiritual fitness than physical fitness? Physically fit in the world but spiritually unfit to enter the Kingdom of heaven? Let’s talk!


Me Time is not the same thing as spending time with God because that time is for you!


In the process of doing a self-inventory to determine whether “it’s about me or God,” I realized that if not thorough it would be easy to be misled into erroneously thinking that it was not about me. This possibility provoked me to evaluate data used to form my conclusion of whether it was about me or Him. Some people think going to church indicates that their life is about Jesus. Others believe being seen as a good person means that for them “it is about God.” To extract the unadulterated truth and clarity from either one of these false assumptions one need only consult with God’s Word. Another way to determine whether it’s about us or Him is by writing down a week’s worth of how often one thought about God, performed deeds that blessed others, either in word or action, as well as looking a the reason for doing. Essentially, motives matter. Doing what we do for applause, accolades or attention is in no way “about God.” That’s the more difficult step one takes in an effort to analyze one’s walk with God.


No matter where on earth human lives he or she has 24 hours in a day to perform acts of some kind. Those acts define what and who is most important in their life. Thinking of the Lord is an act, and because He lives He speaks to those who have a relationship with Him. Furthermore, any life that He is a part of, He guides, speaks through, influences thoughts, and deeds. That said, if God is in us it inevitably becomes about Him.

Creation focuses on the God we serve by introducing the work of God the Father, by revealing His unwavering love for that which He created.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3: 16 NIV

Omnipotent powers,
Strategic attention to detail,
Capacity for ceaseless compassion,
Numerous illustrations of acts involving spiritual discipline.
All-knowing presence.


Perhaps the ultimate lesson of a Christian should be learning what the most important task of a child of God is, which is serving God.

Sharing the Gospel is a holy assignment. The fact that He created man out of nothing is also worthy of noting, and serves as an example of why “He is everything, without Him we are nothing, and would not exist.” Setting man apart from every other thing He created evidence His abundant, eternal love for us.


Lennox, (2009), God’s Story Revealed: The author’s condensed dissertation of Genesis 1-11 is student friendly. For starters, he convincingly explains in simple terms that, “among the many insights into God’s character evident in these chapters, three stand out: God as Creator, God as Lover of Humanity, and God as holy.” Lennox, (2009) As Creator God started from nothing, or scratch, while other gods created from materials available to them on earth. The Father loves humanity, evidenced by His creation of Adam and Eve, as well as their descendants. God is holy, a fact that is undeniable whether God the Father is discussed in a biblical sense or real sense. Knowledge of His sheer disdain for sin resonates throughout the Bible.


More proof that it is not about us “individually “can be found by measuring the ratio of scriptures on obedience, sin, supplication, missing the mark, religious wars, God the Father, Jesus Christ, disciples, prophets and the like; compared to scriptures about man’s individual accomplishments.


Where man is concerned, God shows no partiality.“And Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons.” Acts 10: 34


Discovering in a biblical sense that my life is not about me was probably the most wonderful experience in my life. There are multiple reasons attributable to this amazing revelation. First, when God showed me what I could be compared to what I was, “broken and separated from Him,” I realized that it was not about me. Second, learning that it is not about me lifted a cumbersome burden off my shoulders, freeing them up to help carry another’s. Lastly, it became clear that I could not be an effective witness for the Lord wearing an albatross around my neck for all the world to see. Letting one’s light shine means meeting others where they are, as Jesus did, armed with His Father’s Word. Essentially, it cannot be about you and be about them too?

Essentially, it is impossible to say “it’s about God and, them and you too?”


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