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guest posts wanted

Guest post wanted. We change lives by connecting personal testimonies to scripture one day at a time.

Guest post wanted. Spiritual warfare is the Christian concept of taking a stand against preternatural evil forces. Spiritual warfare is the belief that evil spirits can intervene in human affairs. Various Christian groups have adopted practices to repel such forces, as based on their doctrine of Christian demonology. Sadly, spiritual warfare fuels many testimonies, which makes life tough. But, there is a purpose in pain if you tell somebody about it. “Guest post testimonies are wanted because they change lives.”

Looking at the video you’ll discover that even a toad frog could have testimonies about the life it lives. Getting from lily pad to lily pad has ups and down.

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Guest Post Testimonies, Reprint & Linking Guidelines

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

We welcome your guest post Testimony for us to consider publishing. Please email your testimony to We must check each submission for publication consideration due to limited publishing space. Please be advised, just because a testimony is not published within a specific time frame does not mean that the post will not be published. Also, feel free to post your testimony in comments at any time or if your post is not published on our site. Please indicate if you would like personal feedback or prayer. All email responses from us are private and confidential.

Prayer Request

For publication consideration please include the post as an attachment to your email. Do not include it within the body of the email.

IMPORTANT: Guest Post Wanted

  • We do not pay for guest testimonial posts.
  • We ONLY publish original pieces, YOUR testimony so please do not submit an article or blog post that has already been published on your blog, another website or elsewhere.
  • Your posts should be in the range of 600-1000 words.
  • Your post should be audience specific meaning ~ remember the main reasons people need to hear testimonies, which is to know that they are not alone in their struggles, pain or search for joy. “The signification of the Testimony is the Divine truth, and thus the Lord in heaven. That Divine truth is the Lord in heaven, is because the Lord is good itself and truth itself, both of which proceed from Him, and that which proceeds from Him is Himself. (In other words, tell the truth; do not send a fairy tale for publication consideration).

Linking to

You are welcome to link to as an inspirational resource for women and men in search of real-life testimonies to help them find clarity in life; hope and inspiration.

Our site URL is

Using/Reprinting Our Content

All content from is copyrighted under a Creative Commons license. You may feature our blog posts by linking to them. Copying and republishing of content from Bloggerneecy is prohibited

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About Bloggerneecy?

Hi there! I’m a blogger, wife of a trucker, mother, and grandmother. A prayer warrior every day, an aspiring woman of unshakeable faith by night, and this is my website. These days I live over the road, in an 18-wheeler truck with my husband of 17 years. I am a free spirit by nature, a soldier in God‘s army by design, always a work in progress. Helping others find clarity and purpose is my passion. I love testimonies! In my opinion sharing one’s testimony is one of the most powerful life-changing tools on earth. In error, many people believe that their life story has no meaning. Let me tell you, that belief couldn’t be further from the truth. Learning that somebody else went through something similar or worse that you’ve been through and survived is like being thrown a lifeline.

Therefore, we want your testimony, to share it, and give you an opportunity to speak on it, comment on it and urge readers who stop by and click on your guest post. The thing is, it is important that you send your testimony expecting nothing tangible in return. Do it because you want to share God’s greatness, your life, your tips for survival or your spirit.

Bloggerneecy started in 2008; providing faith-based, quality, thought-provoking articles.

Bloggerneecy is inspired by a passion to help others live spiritually and emotionally healthy lives, while effectively tackling Spiritual Warfare. Here we learn how to find clarity in life, discover new paths; see the error of our ways by sharing life’s ups and downs via testimony.

Discovering one’s purpose in life is key to discovering joy, happiness, and contentedness. Determined to bring the hurt, emotionally bruised and spiritually split to healing crossroads, here we allow and encourage you to lay down your crosses, share your life, both good and bad because that’s what life consists of.

As a freestyle writer, Bloggerneecy takes readers on journeys dare to go. Discover the effects of “Powerful Testimony.” Why not start with blessing us with yours?

Spiritual warfare affects the life of every human being. Where is your testimony about how it has affected yours? People want to hear about it.

Lastly, Bloggerneecy was created with imperfect people like you and me in mind. It is a daily reminder that God did not put us here to watch us suffer alone. He gave us an ability to testify! You can rise above your circumstances by listening to how others rose above theirs?

And, as long if you believe “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” there is no life too broken for God to fix.



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